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I began using Regeneration Health a few months ago to treat low testosterone and have been very pleased with the results. I have tried all the other treatments, including Androgel, testosterone injections, a compounded testosterone cream, and Testopel pellets. The pellets are the only treatment that is effective for me. The problem with Testopel pellets is the cost, which my insurance does not cover. The compounded pellets used by Regeneration Health are just as effective and are less than half the cost. Another advantage with Regeneration Health is that they give you what you need to achieve the desired result. My previous provider was good, but my testosterone levels never reached the desired levels. Regeneration Health monitors your levels monthly, rather than once every four months, and gives a booster dose if needed. I also like the more holistic approach utilized by Regeneration Health. They monitor and recommend any vitamins or other treatments you may need to achieve optimal results. In short, I highly recommend Regeneration Health.


Wow! My energy level is through the roof! Just turned 50 and I’ve lost 25 pounds and I’m more toned than I was in my thirties. Also my libido and mental clarity are amazing now. I started doing the hormone replacement pellets with Regenaration Health about a year ago for low testosterone. These are not garbage pills or some kind of dietary supplement. This is testosterone inserts that last about 3 months. I started with the injections a couple years ago but was tired of getting a shot every 2 weeks, plus the levels would roller coaster and energy would be gone just before the next shot. With the testosterone implants I’m good for 12 weeks with a steady results. I see the doctor 4 times a year instead of the 26 times I was going before. Most of my guy friends that are in their late 30’s to 50’s have all been checked for their testosterone levels. The ones that are low have found the fountain of youth and are living life to the fullest again. My advice, just go get your levels tested. FYI, when I was 45 I was feeling tired, lathargic, no libido and almost depressed. My doctor checked my testosterone level and it was 220 and said that was normal for someone my age. Well, that sucked!!! I went to a hormone doctor a couple years later and they explained that “normal” is not sufficient!!! Omg, they were right! I’m around 750-800 and it’s been amazing! Feel free to call regeneration health and get Glen’s number. I will personally give you what I’ve experienced. This is too great of a thing not to share.


It's been exactly one year since I had Stem Cell Regenerative Therapy done in both of my knees.  I had late Stage 2 osteoarthritis in my right knee and multiple meniscus tears in my left knee.  I was in excruciating pain most of the time and was not able to lead the active lifestyle I loved.  I couldn't even walk up and down stairs or sit cross-legged on the floor.  In April 2017, I made the decision to do something about my knees.  I had the Stem Cell injections done and have not looked back!  I did have a set back along the way, but since Stem Cells can continue to regenerate tissue for up to a year after they are injected, my injury healed quickly.  I can now run, jump, weight train and do all of the activities I love! My knees have never felt better!  So Thankful for Regeneration Health and Stem Cell! I have my life back!