Is Hormone Replacement Safe?

Bio Identical Hormone Replacement is safer and more effective than Synthetic Hormone Replacement.  Bio Identical Hormones protects the heart and nervous system, protects bone, reduces the risk of new onset diabetes, protects against breast cancer, and helps with cholesterol.  These are just a few of the protective qualities of using Bio Identical Hormones.


Bio-Identical hormones are safe because they are derived naturally and our bodies can metabolize them properly.  Another advantage of using Bio Identical Hormones (bHRT) is that they are specifically designed to match your individual hormonal needs  - unlike synthetic hormones, which use a one-size-fits-all approach to symptom relief.  In 2003, the Women's Health Initiative prematurely shut down the synthetic estrogen/progestin  (Premarin/Provera) arm of the study because of increased risks of heart attacks, strokes and dementias.  Many people are still taking synthetic Estrogens orally (by mouth).  This is not recommended because of the increased risk of blood clots.