Hormone Replacement for Women

Women have options when it comes to balancing their hormones.  We offer Pellet Therapy and Sublingual Therapy.  

Pellet Therapy is a simple in-office procedure that takes about 15-30 minutes once every 3-4 months.  After your initial consultation, we will schedule you for labs.  Our Physician then reviews your labs, examination and symptoms and Pellets are prescribed based on your individual needs.  Your insert is then scheduled.  30 days after your first insert, we will have you do another set of labs.  We monitor your Hormone levels, because most women come in initially with very low hormone levels and our goal is to get you feeling better and get your hormone levels balanced quickly and safely.  Sometimes a Booster insert is needed at this point.  The Booster will help you get a steady dose of hormones to the 3-4 month mark without the "Roller Coaster" effect.  Labs are then done at 3 months post insert and the process starts again.  Our Annual Pellet Therapy includes all Labs, if done in-house, 4 inserts and up to 2 Booster Inserts, as well as all Physician visits.

Sublingual Therapy is another option we offer our women.  This Therapy can get the same results simply with troches dissolved under the tongue daily.  This Therapy is based on a 3 month protocol, with labs and Physician consultation.