Low T Replacement for Men

Men have options when it comes to Low Testosterone (Low T) Hormone Replacement.  Some men prefer to use the Pellet Therapy procedure, while others prefer Testosterone Injection Therapy.  At Regeneration Health we offer both methods.  Our Physician is an expert in Hormone Replacement and will work to get your T levels back to optimum, so you're not dragging through each day.  

Pellet Therapy is a popular option for men.  The procedure takes about 15-30 minutes once every 3-4 months.  Labs are drawn before each insert.  The Doctor then reviews labs and symptoms and prescribes Testosterone Pellet therapy based on each individual.  We constantly monitor Testosterone levels throughout your treatment duration.  

Testosterone Injection Therapy is another popular option among men.  We offer 2 plans:  Our Annual Program and our 10 Week Program. Our Annual Program is designed to help you save time and money up front.  For those who prefer to use our 10 Week Program, we offer a pay as you go approach.  For both Injection Programs, Labs are drawn prior to beginning your Low T Therapy.  You will then be given your initial Injection Instruction by our Physician. Review of Labs with Physician consultation and Testosterone Prescription repeats every 10 weeks.  Both options are very affordable and can help you feel like yourself again!