When will I feel the hormones kick in?

  • The answer to this question is different for everyone. Our physiology is unique from one another and we all have different hormonal needs.

  • A patient who has had years of hormonal depletion has a greater demand for replenishment. He or she might feel something around the 3rd or 4th implant.

  • Do not get discouraged if you don’t feel like a different person after a couple of implants. We must first replace and restore what has been lost over the years.

  • Some patients feel relief of some symptoms after the first implant; others notice reduction in symptoms after two to four implants.

  • Don’t worry. They will kick in! First we have to get you restored and replace what hormones have been missing. 

Do any medications interfere with hormones?

  • Yes SSRI’s (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors/ anti-depressants) and strong pain medications as well as strong sedatives can block the mood enhancing effects/ increase in well-being effects of testosterone.

  • Goal- to eventually discontinue anti-depressants. Check with your MD before discontinuing a medication. Anti-depressants, pain medications, and sedatives should be weaned off of slowly and gradually.


How often do I come in for hormones?  

  • On average, hormone replenishment is needed every 3 months for both men and women.  

  • After the first hormone implant, return in 4 weeks for labs. If lab results indicate you need additional hormones you will be given a booster of hormones (a “booster” is a smaller dose of hormones that will boost you levels into the desired range). 

  • Following the 2nd implant, hormone replenishment is needed every  three to four months.


Blood work? How often? Getting my blood work results? Can blood work be drawn elsewhere?

  • Blood levels of hormones must be drawn prior to EVERY implant. We must make sure of your levels before we give you hormones.

  • Lab results may not be shared over the phone due to privacy laws (HIPPA). Lab results may only be revealed in person, with proof of identity. 

  • Hormone replacement clients may have labs drawn outside of RH. Ask us for a lab requisition form.

  • If you choose to have your labs drawn outside of RH, you will need to use your personal insurance. Please be aware that the lab might bill you for any extra balance.



  • Due to skin type and testosterone’s oil producing effects, some patients may or may not experience mild acne.

  • A pimple or two is your body responding to the testosterone. After your body begins adjusting to the elevated levels it will clear up. 



  • For women: Women who receive estrogen may experience bleeding/spotting. This is normal and nothing to be worried about.

  • Shedding of the endometrial wall is perfectly healthy but must be regulated with the hormone progesterone.

  • Taking oral progesterone not only balances estrogen, but controls bleeding. Skipping a dose of progesterone or not taking enough of it will cause bleeding. 

  • If you are experiencing bleeding, double your dose of progesterone for one week and then return to your normal dose.


Additional hormones/ medications?

  • For men and women: if your thyroid is abnormal, we can prescribe Armour Thyroid or Cytomel.

  • For Men: it may be necessary for some men to take Anastrozole for a short time depending on their lab results. This pill prevents testosterone from converting to estrogen.

  • For Women: Women who get estrogen will need to take progesterone by mouth.

  • Progesterone comes in capsule form and sublingual (under the tongue dissolvable tablet) form.


  • When will I start losing weight?

  • The answer to this question is different for everyone. Hormone patients who incorporate a healthy lifestyle (diet and exercise), lose weight at a faster rate than those who don’t.

  • Take advantage of the high levels of testosterone circulating through your body.

  • Weight bearing exercise will help you get stronger, toned, leaner muscle mass

  • Building lean muscle will burn fat, speed up your metabolism, and make you feel great!


What can I do to enhance the effects of my Hormone Therapy?

     We will check your Vitamin D levels with your labs.  We find that Vitamin D supplementation with a high quality supplement will help with your Hormone Therapy.

      Eating a diet high in dark leafy greens will also help to create a more alkaline environment in your body.  This is important in maintaining your Hormone Therapy.  Ask us about Alka-Pro supplementation.

     A High quality Multi-Vitamin, Vitamin B and Omega 3 Fatty Acid supplements are another key to optimizing your Hormone Replacement Therapy.  Ask us about our Supplement Lines.

Does my Insurance cover Hormone Replacement Therapy?

     Everyone's insurance policy is different.  Check with your insurance carrier. We have financing available.  


Is Hormone Replacement only for Men?

     No!  Hormone Replacement is for women too!  Everyone can benefit from Bio identical Hormone Replacement!

Are there other methods besides Pellet Therapy to get Hormone Replacement?

     Yes! We offer many choices! Hormone Replacement can be done with Testosterone Injections for both men and women.  We also offer sublingual, with fast dissolving troches that are placed under the tongue.  We will talk with you to determine the best method for you!