• Estrogen is the female hormone that shapes the uniqueness of your mind, emotions, and body.

  • Estrogen makes you feel sensual.

  • It brings glow to the skin, moisture to the eyes, fullness to the breasts, and clarity to the mind.

  • It keeps the vagina lubricated.

  • It uplifts and stabilizes your mood.

  • It influences your brain and your bones, and protects you against cardiovascular disease. 


Understanding Estrogen


For much of your life, estrogen fluctuates up and down. This occurs within the monthly cycle and also within the general framework of a lifetime. The degree and pattern of fluctuations are totally unique to you. So, too, are the ways your body reacts to the episodes of deficiencies and excesses created by the fluctuations.  A woman's Estrogens begin to decline by age 40.




Common signs and symptoms of estrogen deficiency:


  • Mental Fogginess. “I’ve lost my mind.”

  • Forgetfulness. “I can’t remember what I walked into this room for.”

  • Depression. “I feel blue.”

  • Minor Anxiety. “I can’t seem to control my worries.”

  • Mood Change. “Sometimes I wonder how I’m going to feel tomorrow.”

  • Difficulty Falling Asleep. “My mind is racing and I can’t stop it.”

  • Hot Flashes. “This wave of heat spreads through my body.”

  • Night Sweats. “I wake up soaking wet.”

  • Day Long Fatigue. “I can’t keep my head up.”

  • Decreased sense of sexuality and sensuality. “I have lost all pride in my body.”

  • Lessened self-image and attention to appearance. “I could care less how I look.”

  • Dry eyes, skin, and vagina. “My body is like a dry summer.”

  • Loss of skin radiance. “I’ve lost my skin glow.”

  • Pain with sexual activity.

  • Increased back and joint pain.

  • Episodes of rapid heartbeat, with or without anxiety. “Out of nowhere my heart starts beating out of my chest.”

  • Headaches and migraines.




Common signs of excess estrogen:


  • Breast tenderness or pain.

  • Increase in breast size.

  • Water retention (as noticed in swollen fingers or legs). “I can’t put on my rings.”

  • Impatient, snappy behavior, but with a clear mind.

  • Pelvic cramps, with or without uterine bleeding.